Chevaan Daniel

Chevaan Daniel has a diverse role as the youngest group director of his organization, whose portfolio includes companies in various sectors such as media, chemicals and energy. He oversees News 1st, Sri Lanka’s largest independent news network of TV and radio stations and also spearheads business development in the organization’s other businesses such as renewable energy, national security and infrastructure growth. Additionally, Daniel plays a leading role in the humanitarian efforts, speaking, for example, at the first United Nations World Humanitarian Summit. With a commitment to humanitarianism and cross-border collaboration, Daniel used his fellowship to meet with policymakers, emerging thought leaders and organizations dedicated to corporate social responsibility to inform his development of a U.S.-Sri Lanka leadership exchange program. He also hopes to co-produce a documentary exploring the history of Sri Lanka.


The Capital Maharaja Organization


Group Director

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Communications, Media, Education, Film & Theater

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Sri Lanka